Body Piercing – A CAREER

Body Piercing – A CAREER

This newest blog post is more of a general information post regarding Body Piercing as a career and what that entails.

Many people see Body Piercing as a stepping-stone to becoming a Tattooist. We can’t even count how many times we’re asked every week, questions like: “So do you do tattoos as well?”, “When are you going to learn to tattoo?” and “Don’t you want to be a tattooist?”.

Not only does this frustrate the living hell out of us, but it’s almost degrading to our jobs which aren’t just ‘a job’ to us, but a passion and life-long commitment.

To be a professional Body Piercer, it’s not just about learning how to poke holes in different body parts and put some jewellery in. Nor is it a profession that you can just pick up and put down when you feel like it.

Body Piercing is a CAREER. You need to have a genuine passion and love for body piercing – which is why we put 1000% into everything we do, from the piercing itself to the service we give our clients. In our eyes, if you don’t LOVE piercings and want to put your all into what you do, you need to put down the needles and find a different career. This is people’s bodies and health we’re entrusted with, not just their gas & leccy bills or grocery shopping.

In short, if your dream job is to be a Tattooist – go for it! Practice your art, develop your portfolios, spend time in studios, get tattooed, research, learn and enquire with studios if they’re looking for apprentices. Don’t apply for a piercing apprenticeship and assume that once you’ve learnt how to pierce, you’ll be automatically handed a tattoo machine – They’re COMPLETELY different professions!

A great analogy: 

You want to be a Nail Technician. You looooove doing nails, you practice on yourself and your friends and have perfected the art of nails. Awesome! You’ll do great, I’m sure. 

Now, you then wouldn’t apply to be a Hairdresser at a beauty salon, then expect to do nails after you’ve cut a few layers and coloured a few bobs. How can you put your all into hair when all you’re waiting for is the possibility of moving onto nails in the (unpredictable) future.

They’re COMPLETELY different professions!

Put your heart and soul into WHAT YOU LOVE DOING!

So no, we ain’t gonna pick up a tattoo machine once we hit X amount of piercings or piercing experience. We love piercing people! We’re sticking this out till we’re old and wrinkly because we LOVE IT! Through literal blood, sweat & tears (which, most of the time, is not our own)!

If you’re reading this and thinking “I would absolutely love to be a piercer, learn the trade and make it a long-term career!” – please send us a message!

If you’re reading this and thinking “Well, my dream job is to be a tattooist.” – AWESOME! Develop your portfolio and ask around for a TATTOO apprenticeship!

Thanks for coming to our TED Talk ❤ ❤ Love y’all!

I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

You probably can. Same with any service, there’s always gonna be deals for a fiver – but is that really the best option?

We’ve all seen hair & nail fails online where someone’s price shopped and got poor-quality service for a bargain price. But what happens next? You go through a right faff paying more money to get them fixed.


That’s all well and good, nails can be removed and hair grows back. Tattoos and piercings however… That’s for life!


grossness ew
*photos taken from various sources online. We do not own any of these photos, nor have we performed or fixed any of the piercings shown.


Improperly placed piercings and incorrect piercing procedures can cause permanent damage that may require medical treatment!

One thing we like to remind people is that you get what you pay for.



“Their shop was clean though..”    “S/He’s a professional in a studio though…”

Unfortunately, a license to pierce just ISN’T enough sometimes. If someone’s out to make a quick buck, they aren’t going to care if your piercing heals well or be there to help if something goes wrong. License, experience and reputation don’t always equate to QUALITY. This is why we always stress the importance of RESEARCH. Look at portfolios, have a gander on social media – are those photos piercings they’ve actually done, or are they stock photos? (or better yet, stolen from another piercer…)

Salons & high street stores often undercut professional studios to lure clients in with their fabulous deals and cheap prices, but then what happens? A few weeks down the line, they have some problems/need some advice… Has this piercer spent time researching and bettering themselves in the industry to be able to provide you with their knowledge and help you throughout your piercing journey? Many times the answer is NO.

If a piercer can offer piercings at dirt-cheap prices, how are they cutting costs on their part to be able to offer these prices to the client? Are they skipping important steps such as sterilisation, quality jewellery or proper hygiene? Supplies for any service costs money, that’s just a fact of life, so the cost of the service reflects that… Plus the piercer’s time!

Wouldn’t you want to know that the service you’re getting is the best that it can be?

Wouldn’t you hope that your piercer will be there to help you throughout your piercing journey?

Wouldn’t you hope that your piercer loves the job they do and spends personal time and effort bettering themselves and researching to give YOU the quality you deserve?


Just some food for thought. We hate ranting and raving about this stuff, but far too often, we’re told “I can get it cheaper elsewhere” (fair dos) and then are asked to fix these screw-ups. We’re happy to help with any piercing problem, from any piercings, from any studios in any town/city/country – we just want to try and educate so that you can make the right piercing choices FIRST TIME.

Thanks for coming to the Taattoo Body Piercers TED talk.


Taattoo Body Piercers: F.A.Q

Taattoo Body Piercers: F.A.Q

This latest blog post is an updated piercing F.A.Q – please message us if you have a question that isn’t answered here!


1.) Do I need an appointment?

NO! All our piercing services are available on a walk-in basis. Even on offer days, for jewellery fitting, consultations, etc.

2.) How old do I have to be for a piercing?

It very much depends on the piercing! We pierce earlobes from 4 years+ (with the parent in attendance, of course) and most other piercings are 16+ with I.D. Please message us for specific piercing age limits & parental consent enquiries.

3.) Will my piercing/s be done with a gun?

NOOO! We use sterile, single-use needles for ALL piercings – including children’s ear piercings. We can assure you it is FAR less painful and your piercings will heal so much easier and faster! Please, never get any piercing with a gun – it’s unhygienic, dangerous and out-dated… It’s 2019, times have changed and piercings are sooooo much safer!

4.) Does it hurt?

Well, there’s no easy way to answer this one… A needle piercing a part of your body will include SOME amount of discomfort – to what level depends on the part of the body and the person in question! What we can assure you is, for a life-long piercing, that split second pinch is more than worth it!!

5.) Can I use TCP/alcohol/Dettol/similar on my piercing?

NOOOOOOO. These products are far too harsh, will delay your healing and make it pretty darn sore! If you are generally clean, you aren’t man-handling your piercings and are following aftercare instructions, these products are not necessary.

6.) *insert high-street store, salon name or grandma* told me to twist my earrings, should I?

We never recommend twisting your jewellery. It’s an old-wives-tale that the metal will ‘stick to the inside of the piercing’… If you are pierced with high quality body jewellery, this is something you certainly don’t have to worry about. Twisting the jewellery can not only work bacteria/contaminants into your piercing, but hard ‘crusties’ can essentially tear up the inside of the piercing – ouch!

7.) School/Work don’t like piercings, can I have a retainer straight away?

Unfortunately not. Our flexi retainers are only suitable for fully healed piercings & short-time wear (like X-rays, MRI’s, etc). If you can’t get away with the piercing for the healing period, maybe it’d be best to wait until you’re out of school/college/are in a better position to have piercings on-show.

8.) Can you do it cheaper? X, Y, Z only charges a fiver!!

Many people seem to lack the understanding that this is our CAREER, not a hobby or quick money-making venture. We have a genuine passion for body piercing and are constantly striving to be the best we can be – not just for us, but for our clients! Take into consideration our time, our sterile tools/equipment, sterile one-use needles, pre-sterilised jewellery, cleaning supplies, gloves… That barely scratches the surface of what it takes/costs to perform a piercing! We aim to keep our prices competitive, whilst still providing our clients with hygienic, safe piercings. What you must think is; if they can do your piercing for a fiver – what important steps in the process are they skipping to save you money? I sure as heck wouldn’t want ANY steps being skipped simply to save me a few quid – you shouldn’t either!

9.) Can I have the Two for Tuesday offer on a Saturday?

Our Two for Tuesday (buy 1 get 1 free) offer is exclusively on Tuesdays ONLY! We do, however, have periodic offers throughout each month – including 1/3 off Thursdays EVERY month! If you care to give us a follow on social media, and/or join our mailing list, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming deals, offers and events!!!

10.) Is my piercing infected?

If you’re ever unsure, please come and see us as soon as possible. Infected piercings are actually incredibly rare! 9 times out of 10, the piercing is simply irritated and is easily nursed back to health with a few aftercare changes. We have a helpful blog post about irritation VS infection… HERE!

*if all tell-tale signs of infection are present and you are unable to see us in person, we would recommend a doctor’s appointment to be on the safe side. 

10a.) My doctor says my piercing is/was infected so I took it out!

First of all, if you have a genuine infection DO NOT TAKE YOUR JEWELLERY OUT – it can trap the infection and cause heaps of trouble. If possible the jewellery should be left IN until treatment has cleared the infection. Piercings are often misdiagnosed as infected and antibiotics are prescribed when unnecessary. If you’re unsure, see a piercer first. *As previously mentioned, if all signs of infection are present, a visit to the doctor is needed.

11.) Another piercer told me to use *insert aftercare advice*, what should I use?

Aftercare is provided after EVERY piercing. You will also have specific aftercare verbally explained to you by your piercer shortly after the procedure. Please follow this! If we did your piercing, your aftercare leaflet contains tonnes of helpful information about the healing process of your piercing/s, as well as general healing times, what to expect, etc. As always, if you need any further advice at any stage of your piercing’s healing journey, our advice is always FREE, non-judgmental and from experienced piercers. You can message us on social media, call us or visit us ANY TIME! ❤

12.) Do you pierce babies/infants ears?

NOPE NOPE NOPE. We strictly pierce children’s earlobes from 4 YEARS +. If you would like more information, please message us.

13.) Why do I have a little bump on my piercing?

Piercing bumps are quite common. Usually, they are caused by irritation whilst healing – be it; sleeping on it, touching/picking/twisting/poking, rubbing from clothing/headphones/similar, using incorrect aftercare and/or not downsizing your jewellery once the swelling has gone. If you need advice about an un-slightly bump, come in and see us! It’s always easier to assess in person, so we can identify the cause and what treatments to use!

14.) Do you pierce snake-eyes or surface tongues?

NOPE. Read this.

15.) How do I get rid of a Microdermal that is rejecting/not wanted?

We offer Microdermal/Skin Diver removal on a walk-in basis, all week. Depending on the placement and age of the dermal, it usually takes around 5-20 minutes.

16.) Can I bring friends/family to watch me get pierced?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring people along with you, however, please bear in mind, we allow 2 people max. in the piercing bay with you. We don’t do this to be mean – our piercing bays can get quite cramped with large groups and it can make it harder for the piercer to do their job with an audience. ❤

17.) Can I have a female piercer?!

Never fear! Both of our piercers are female and have pierced maaaaaaany body parts of all shapes and sizes – no need to be shy, treat us like doctors! Both piercing bays are also fully private for your comfort.

18.) Can I have a piercing whilst pregnant?

We won’t pierce anyone who is currently pregnant, sorry! But we’re more than happy to pierce you once you’ve delivered and are back to full health.

19.) Why has my ball fallen off my jewellery?

What screws on, can screw off! After the piercing is complete, we do tighten the balls/attachments securely… BUT, balls/attachments can come loose when cleaning or just from everyday movement (especially piercings such as navels and nipples). We recommend checking your ball/attachment at least daily – it’s best to do it whilst cleaning, so you have nice clean hands! Even when the piercing is fully healed, give it a check when you’re getting ready on a morning, but always with clean hands!

20.) Can I choose a stud or ring for my piercing?

MOST piercings can be pierced with either (such as; noses, lobes, helix, nipples and forward helix), however, some piercings (such as; lip, rook, conch & anti-tragus) do benefit more from healing with a stud or bar. We’ll let you know your options when you come in for the piercing and discuss the pros and cons of each. That’s not to say they can’t be changed to a ring once settled, though! If a ring is your aim, let us know! We’ll accommodate for it and let you know when you can nip back in for the jewellery changing! 🙂

21.) Can I buy a piercing from you? (jewellery)

Piercing: the act of piercing a hole into the body, into which a piece of jewellery is inserted.

Jewellery: the earring/bar/ring/stud that goes into the piercing hole.

You can HAVE a piercing done by us. You can also BUY some jewellery for your piercing from us. We stock a range of body jewellery from plain balls/beads to colourful pieces, opals and jewels.

22.) I’m not sure how to put my new jewellery in, can you help?

Of course! If we did your piercing or not, it’ll be a small charge to cover cost of gloves, tools, etc. You are welcome to bring jewellery you have purchased elsewhere/online, however, we will only fit these for you if they are suitable for your piercing/s and are reasonable quality. (Jewellery from Claire’s, Primark, Topshop, Ebay specials, etc should be avoided!!)

23.) When can I change my jewellery?

Your piercer will tell you when the best time is to change your jewellery to a smaller/different piece – depending on the piercing in question, this could be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months (sometimes longer). We encourage clients to return to us at a certain date post-piercing for a check-up, anyway. At this point, we can see how the piercing is healing and make any jewellery changes that are needed.

24.) What should I do if I have problems/are concerned?

COME AND SEE US! We cannot stress this enough! We are more than happy to check on your piercing at ANY point during healing, whether it’s after a few days or a few weeks. It’s always better to ask those seemingly-silly questions than to sit at home worrying! If you can’t get in to see us straight away, or we are closed – send us a message or email. Include as many clear pictures from different angles as possible – this will really help us get a better idea of the problem or state of the piercing. (*This also applies to piercings we didn’t do. If you can’t see your original piercer or want a second opinion, come and see us)


25.) Which side is the gay side?

*facepalm* It’s 2019, get whichever side you want! We aren’t magical wizards who instantly turn people gay with a piercing – that’s just daft. Besides, there are worse things to be than gay… Like being a homophobe! 👍


Hope this F.A.Q has been at least a little bit helpful! 

Wanna know more? Got another question? Shoot us a message:

Taattoo Body Piercers Facebook Page

Get in touch with your spiritual side

Get in touch with your spiritual side

Here in the studio, we have a selection of spiritual goods, ranging from healing crystals to Ouija & pendulum boards.

Included in this blog post will be short pieces of information about some of our stock, like what they’re used for and how to use!

As always, coming in to browse in person is highly recommended for these items! We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30AM – 6PM and our staff will be more than happy to help you choose the right pieces for YOU!



Want more information on specific stones that we stock?

Visit our previous blog post:

TaattooBlog – Know your crystals!


51863744_663639780717119_6673620403291684864_nWe also now have cage necklaces for crystal wearing!

A lot of crystals are best used when kept close to your person, be it in a pocket or a bag –

but what better way to keep your crystal close by than to wear it!?

(plus they look great and you can swap and change your crystals as and when you need to!)


And last but not least! We have a small handful of crystal sets that can be purchased at the studio!




Each pack contains 3-5 crystals, a small info sheet about each crystal & how to best use them!

(you’ll also get a little crystal ‘care sheet’, all about cleansing & charging them)





Smudging has been a spiritual practice for centuries, for many different reasons.

These big, chunky bundles that we have in the studio are great for large spaces, such as; full house cleanses or workplaces. If used for moderate cleansing (crystals, personal, etc) they can be stubbed out and re-used again and again!

(if you are cleansing large areas or particularly negative energies, it is recommended to use a new smudge stick per cleanse)



Tarot & Oracle cards are great once you get the jist of how to use them!

Our cards all come with handy guidebooks to help introduce newbies to the world of reading Tarot and Oracle cards. Helpful information can be found easily online, on various blogs & websites dedicated to spiritual items/work.

We are happy to give advice and help you choose your deck – however, as with many spiritual items, it is always better to use your own initiative and personally choose which item/s feel right to you.



Pendulums are a great addition to any spiritual collection!

They work very similarly to healing crystals, as each crystal pendulum has its own properties – but they also have many other uses as listed above.



We also have a NEW RANGE of incense!

Plus more Nag Champa original incense (always a big seller!)

We also sell various ash catchers/incense burners and cone-burners, too!

Incense can be used in meditation, during spiritual sessions, or just to make your room smell delightful!






There are many helpful articles and blogs online about Dowsing Rods, their uses and how to use them.

Dowsing Rods are also commonly used to measure/find the energy paths within a certain space, such as; living spaces, gardens, workplaces, etc. This can help you elevate and work with the positive energy in said space/s.



We hope this blog post was helpful to you lovely lot!

As mentioned a bit back, if you need any advice or help when choosing your spiritual items, ask us! We use a lot of these items ourselves and can give both personal experience and general advice ❤

Just Google it! Yeah, it’s not always right…

Just Google it! Yeah, it’s not always right…

We’ve all done it, ‘I’ll just google it first’ and before having laser tattoo removal it is important that you do you research and find out as much information as you can about the procedure. However, lately we have been getting strange questions and odd incorrect information from clients which they say they have found online. So I decided to do my own research from a clients point of view. In this blog post I’m going to highlight some of the information I’ve found, both good and bad. All of the information detailed below comes from the 1st page of Google search results when typing in general search terms i.e. what is tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal information, does tattoo removal hurt, can tattoos be removed completely etc.

The first thing I seemed to find was greatly exaggerated pricing. with some stating that prices per session began in the £100s for small tattoos. This is completely untrue, our prices begin at £20 per session for small tattoos. We do not have set pricing, we cater the prices based on the size and complexity of your tattoo as this determines how long your sessions will take and therefore how much of our time is taken up for 1 session. The amount of sessions you will need all together is impossible to tell as it depends entirely on the person and how quickly their body get rid of the ink. If someone tells you it will be gone after 1 session, they’re lying.

Waiting times between sessions also seems to vary depending on where you look. Some say 4 weeks, others 7 or 9 weeks. The time left between treatments is to make sure that your skin is healed completely before your next session. How your skin heals is largely down to how you look after the area. If you keep up with your aftercare, it should heal fine, but if you neglect the area, it will prolong the healing process. We usually leave 5 – 6 weeks between sessions, however if you arrive for your treatment and the area to be treated isn’t completely healed we would reschedule your session to reduce the risk of scarring and further complications.

Anything that mentions going over the area more than once in a session is NOT what we do!! This method is called R20 Tattoo Removal or Accelerated Tattoo Removal and can be very damaging to the skin and will more than likely end in scarring. If you want to find out more about R20 tattoo removal and the dangers of it you can take a look at one of our earlier blog posts here.

Local injected anaesthetics are administered before treatments, now this may be true if the person carrying out the procedure is qualified to administer anaesthetic i.e. a doctor or practitioner (Ask for their credentials if you’re unsure). A standard laser technician has the qualifications to operate the laser competently but this does not make them qualified to give you local injected anaesthetic. If you would like the area to be ‘numb’ before treatments we suggest using a topical numbing cream such as Emla, which you should apply about an hour before your treatment. No needles will be used at all if you have laser treatments with us.

You will be scarred- scarring only occurs in a limited number of cases after laser treatment. Some people are more prone to scarring, however if your laser technician is experienced and follows the correct procedure e.g Fitzpatrick skin typing and risk assessing and gives you aftercare information that is followed, the risk of scarring is greatly reduced. Also, if the tattoo you want removing is already scarred through the tattoo process, the scarring will be more prominent when you have had several laser sessions and the ink has broken down. This scarring is NOT from the laser.

And now onto pain, you will feel it! There’s no denying that, it is likened to an elastic band snapping against the skin but this depends entirely on the person’s pain threshold and where the tattoo is placed (more sensitive areas will hurt more). The pain should not be unbearable and if the laser technician is experienced and has correctly assessed you skin type it will not be. I have found articles that MASSIVELY exaggerate the pain referring to the laser machine as ‘the fire spouting mechanism from hell’ and ‘On a scale of one to a hundred, laser tattoo removal pain is, like, a gazillion’ (I know, super helpful -.-). If you are worried about the pain, as stated in the previous paragraph, you can use a topical numbing cream.

What I’m getting at from this blog post is that not all information you find online is correct. Click bait and fake articles are a massive problem so if you are wanting information and have questions before going ahead with tattoo removal, reputable laser clinics and technicians will be happy to help you.

BeFunky Design

2018 Updates

It’s been just over a year since our last big shop update (I know, where’s that gone?!) and since then quite a bit has changed.

First of all, Taattoo Wombwell recently celebrated it’s 9th Birthday!                                  Yes, we’ve been repeatedly stabbing people, providing them with new artwork and lovely new sparklies for 9 years.

The biggest change since our last update is that WE HAVE MOVED!!

We’re still in Wombwell but we are now at 2 High Street, inside The Old Bank (pictured below). If you want more info about the building we’re now in, Click Here to visit The Old Bank Wombwell blog.

thumbnail_bank haunted image

We’ve been in since May and now have much more space and NO stairs, yep, we’re all on one level. Check out the reception area below and keep on reading for more info about the changes in each of our service departments.


You’ve also got more time to pop in and see us, we’re now open until 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.




The boss is still designing everything for you guys and keeping the rest of us in check as usual.


Our main tattooist Andy is working away in his lovely new room (pictured above). If you want to keep up to date with Andy’s work you can follow him on Instagram: @andyattaattoo


Kris has now finished his his apprenticeship and is working away in his own little room (pictured above). He’s done a lot of designing and tattoos since starting, all of which you can take a look at and keep up to date with on his Facebook and Instagram profiles:

Here’s a couple of his favourites from the past year..

We are, however, down an tattooist as our second apprentice, Ellis, left us earlier in the year. We wish her well for the future.


If you’re wanting to keep up to date with the general antics in shop (Including our birthday video masterpiece), you could always go and give our Facebook page a like: Taattoo Wombwell




Both Sophie and Poh are still here. Sophie’s been with us for an eternity (just over 4 years) and Poh’s been with us for 2.

Since moving, they’ve been able to pierce twice as many people with their very own piercing bays (pics below) complete with NO stairs. They have a lot more space to move and are no longer falling over each other when trying to pierce.

While the piercers have stabbed many peoples over the past year, I’ve asked them to narrow it down to a couple each and here they are…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This summer’s been jammed packed with little kiddies get their lobes pierced. If you’re interested in what the piercers get up to you can keep up to date on their social media pages:


We’ve also had a couple of changes over in the laser department. As well as a brand new room, we have a fancy new laser machine to provide you guys with the best quality laser treatments. Our new room and laser machine are pictured below.

Our Laser Technician, Ema, has flown the nest and is no longer with us. We wish her well in all she does and we’re certainly going to miss her.



So, now we can introduce, our new laser tech, Hannah., She’s fully qualified and ready to remove tattoos and smooth out your skin with carbon facials. If you want to get in touch with the laser department, head over to their Facebook Page: Lumiere Professional Laser Clinic.

And… That’s it, you’re all caught up, I’m sure we’ll have more updates for you in the future. Thanks for reading!


Know your crystals!

Know your crystals!

We all love a bit of ‘alternative medicine’ – especially when it’s simple, cheap and easy to do at home.

Welcome to the world of crystals/gemstones!

There are HUNDREDS of different stones with different properties to help with a whole range of health problems from your mind, down to your toes. Here’s just a handful that we stock, broken down for you.


Rose Quartz

rose quartzProbably one of the most well-known stones, and for good reason. Rose Quartz is considered an excellent all-round healing stone, commonly used by those wishing to find inner peace, a calmer mind, more loving nature and a more forgiving outlook. Health-wise, Rose Quartz is said to be one of the best stones used in the treatment of migraines and headaches, as well as promoting fertility. It is also a great stone for those recovering from emotional/physical trauma and to help bring inner peace and self-love in its place.



amethystIs considered to be a very good spiritual stone, used for healing and meditation as it works wonders soothing and calming the mind. In a physical sense, Amethyst is said to bring harmony to the body’s organs and stimulate the immune system – making it a fantastic stone to use alongside other healing stones to alleviate/treat a number of health problems. It’s even said that keeping Amethyst under your pillow at night can help against insomnia! Many stone-users recommend keeping an Amethyst cluster in your home, because of its energising and cleansing properties.



sunstoneSaid to be a very joyful, light and inspiring stone, which has the ability to clear all chakras. Sunstone is especially good for those with poor mental health, as it has extremely effective anti-depressant properties, enabling the wearer to nurture their self, be more optimistic and empowered. Sunstone is also useful for those with trouble saying ‘no’ and/or letting go and cutting ties with toxic people in their life; such as possessive lovers or parents and helping the wearer become more liberated and independent. Sunstone is said to be the wearer’s “light in the dark”, letting them see the brighter side of situations and also being very effective against seasonal affective disorder. Being a very personal stone, it is said that the best results come from wearing the stone or having it on your person in everyday life.


Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

A very powerful cleansing & detoxifying crystal said to be immensely efficient at balancing energies and making the user feel more grounded, both spiritually and personally. Smoky Quartz is a popular stone for purifying areas where electromagnetic radiation may be affecting you – such as workspaces, offices or studies. When used for healing, this crystal can amplify the healing properties of other stones and create stronger energy. When used in meditation, Smoky Quartz acts in place of therapy, as it’s grounding properties help to release feelings of anger, regret, jealousy and painful memories from the past. Smoky Quartz is associated with the higher crown chakra and works as the spiritual satellite that keeps us anchored to the earth while keeping our hearts and minds open to the celestial world.


Snow Quartz

snow quartzIs a great all-around stone to use alongside others in everyday life. It’s particularly useful in supporting the wearer/user whilst learning lessons. It’s also said to be useful for those who lack tact and need to ‘think before they speak’. Snow Quartz brings clarity to many aspects of your life, making it a useful stone for those wishing to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and/or overcome victimhood. Whilst Snow Quartz doesn’t offer as wide of a range of perks as other stones, it is always useful when combined with other stones which have similar properties.



howliteConsidered one of the best calming stones, most of Howlite’s qualities aid the mind, emotionally and psychologically. Perfect for use in meditation, Howlite helps to calm the mind, teaches patience and stills erratic thoughts. It can also help calm turbulent emotions and when kept in a pocket or on your person, it’ll absorb the wearer’s anger and also any anger directed to the wearer. Put Howlite under your pillow at night to fight insomnia – especially if caused by an overactive mind. Further Howlite qualities include; strengthening memory, stimulates a desire for knowledge and also helps one to let go of the past and eliminate present-day triggers.



magnesiteA very loving stone, Magnesite’s healing properties revolve around the mind and soul, promoting positive energies. Perfect for those with low self-esteem in need of confidence and reassurance. It helps to bring all forms of self-deceit to the surface, helping overcome feelings of doubt regarding oneself – basically giving the user/wearer a more positive outlook on life, situations and relationships. Where love is concerned, be it a partner, family member or friend, Magnesite promotes unconditional love, making difficult relationships easier and more tolerable. On the flip side, Magnesite can also aid egotistical people by bringing them and their feelings back down to Earth and teach better listening and understanding of others. Those who’re anxious and/or fearful can wear Magnesite for it’s calming properties and help overcome obstacles. Health-wise, Magnesite is said to prevent epilepsy, thanks to its muscle relaxant properties – which also works for menstrual and gastric cramps! It’s also said to detoxify and neutralise body odour.


Agate (Tree & Moss):

tree agateAgate stones, like Quartz, have generic properties underlying – however, each particular Agate stone (tree & moss, for example) have additional qualities.

Agate itself is considered a very stable crystal which brings great strength but works slowly. Soothing and calming to the mind and body, Agate is used in meditation alongside other stones. It can dissolve inner tension and anger, encourage truth, overcome bitterness of the heart and bring greater awareness to the wearer/user. Agate stones gently facilitate acceptance of ones-self, promoting self-love and acceptance. It can also improve concentration and aid self-awareness.

moss agate

Moss Agate, for example, is a very optimistic stone commonly used to fight depression, by bringing light to the cause/roots of the problem. Similarly, it can boost the immune system, speed up recovery from illness and even help fight against cold & flu! When the stone is placed on a problem area, Moss Agate acts as an anti-inflammatory and can also lower fevers.



Jasper (Red):

jasperJasper is the main stone used by many to align the chakras – each colour of Jasper is appointed to a specific chakra (heart, throat, etc). This provides balance, calm and protection for the user/wearer. Red Jasper, like some other stones, absorbs negative energies from the wearer and those directing negativity to the wearer – the perfect stone to use at times of stress. Jasper can also clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation! It has also been said to prolong sexual pleasure and stimulate the imagination. Health-wise, Jasper supports the user/wearer during prolonged illnesses and hospitalisation by re-energising the body.


Yellow Jasper:

yellow jasper

Yellow Jasper was historically revered as a talisman of protection. Similarly to Red Jasper, this stone is effective for deflecting jealousy and acts as a shield against negativity. Wearing this stone can build self-confidence and gradually expel personal worries and self-consciousness. Physically, Yellow Jasper is said to help chronic digestion and stomach problems – whilst worn or used to create an elixir. All Jaspers connect to the Earth and may be placed on the Base Chakra to stabilize and energize the physical body – Yellow Jasper, in particular, is ideal for activating the Solar Plexus Chakra.


The Dangers of R20 Laser Removal

The Dangers of R20 Laser Removal

R20 laser tattoo removal is sometimes referred to as ‘Accelerated Tattoo Removal’. It essentially works the same as standard tattoo removal by shattering the ink in the dermal layer of the skin but has a very different procedure. While standard tattoo removal involves passing over the unwanted tattoo once per session and waiting 5-6 weeks between sessions; R20 removal procedures consist of multiple treatments in 1 day (usually 4) spaced around 20 minutes apart. The patient then has to wait 8 weeks before their next R20 session. The 20 minute wait between treatments is to allow ‘frosting’ that often appears with laser tattoo removal to subside(see pictures below) and ensure the laser pulses are not blocked on the next passing.

This image is before & after a standard tattoo removal session to illustrate ‘frosting’.

So, why should you avoid R20 removal?

First of all, there is only one published study on the R20 removal procedure which uses a Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser. This type of laser is uncommon and not as powerful as the Q-Switched ND-YAG lasers that are more widely used now. You can take a look at the abstract from the study here. The study itself has quite a few problems:

  • The sample size for the study was very small (12 participants)
  • As stated above, the laser used in the study is very uncommon.
  • The starting intensity of the laser was very aggressive for the first treatment.(5.5J/cm², 755nm, 100-nanosecond pulse duration, 3-mm spot size) . The starting intensity should be tailored to the skin type using the Fitzpatrick scale.
  • No darker skin tones were tested which are the most prone to pigmentary changes.
  • The method was only tested on black and blue inks.

The method has only been tested with one type of laser which is not as powerful as some of the more modern lasers which are more commonplace in practices. The more modern lasers have not been thoroughly tested with the method and so there is an even greater risk of extensive damage.

The R20 method can also cause greater epidermal injury to the treated area and this is stated in the study abstract (link above). There is also an increased risk of texture changes although it also states that none of the participants suffered scarring.

A standard tattoo removal procedure can take around 15 minutes whereas the R20 method can take anything from 80 minutes+ depending on the amount of time that is left between passes. This means that patients will have to take more time out and practices will have to book more time out to accommodate the method.

The method is also way too aggressive for sensitive skin types and would more than likely cause scarring or extensive skin injury. All patients should first be categorised using the Fitzpatrick scale so that the laser intensity is suited to their skin type.

The R20 procedure may fade tattoos quicker than standard methods, it is doing so at what cost? You may have to wait a little longer with standard removal but your skin will thank you for it.

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How to get a piercing 101

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to educate you on how to get a piercing!

So, first of all, you’ve decided you want an ‘x,y,z’ piercing. You’ve had something substantial to eat and drink on the day of the piercing along with a shower/bath and you’re on the way to the studio.

First, when you arrive, you’ll need to fill out a consent form. This is an important part of getting a piercing! The form will consist mainly of a little information and risks about piercings, your details such as phone number for our records and a little health questionnaire to check that you’re fit and healthy and able to be pierced!

The golden rule from this point onwards:


Stay chill and calm. The more stressed and anxious you are, your heart rate will go up, your breathing will become shallow and it’ll make you feel 10 times more nervous! Deep breathing and remembering that you want this piercing and are willing to endure the second or 2 of pain, can really help ease the mind.


With that all done, you’ll be taken upstairs to the private piercing room with your piercer. You’ll take a seat on our piercing bench whilst the piercer has a brief chat with you about the piercing you’re after, such as; healing times, tips for that particular piercing, jewellery options and just general chit chat while they prepare the equipment and tools.

 gud dot datye boi

Once you’ve chosen the jewellery and you’re ready to get started, the piercer will thoroughly clean the area to be pierced. Then, depending on the piercing you’re having, the piercer will mark the area, usually with a small dot or T shape. You’ll have a chance to see the mark in the mirror and change it if you’re unhappy with it. Once you’re happy and the piercer is ready, the piercing procedure will begin!

3kris 2

Congrats! At this point, you’ll now have a fresh new piercing! 

The piercer will explain further any information you may need to know, primarily regarding aftercare and timescales for downsizing/check-ups (depending on the piercing). Before you leave, this aftercare information will be given to you in written form to take away with you.

kris faggot

Post-piercing, it’s important to look after yourself for the rest of the day. We always recommend bringing a sugary drink, like Lucozade, to the piercing anyway but eating and drinking plenty of sugary things after a piercing can help keep your blood sugar up if it takes a tumble. Remember that your body has just been injured, and whereas it may not be a massive trauma, you may be a bit more fragile.

The only thing left to do now is to keep your piercing happy and clean!

If you follow the aftercare advice we give you and come straight back to us if you have any issues, problems or questions, your piercing should heal swiftly and easily!


As always, if there’s anything we’ve missed that you’d like to know more about, or you just have a few questions, message us on social media, come and see us at the studio or give us a call on: 01226 340065.