Sams Life Questions Part 1…

SamSo, I have a lot of questions on life and no one at Taattoo has the answers.


Like, if you somehow had a room full of microwaves, all with metal inside, and could set them all off at the same time, would it blow? Blow the room? The house? The street?



I mean, how much damage can a fork or a spoon do? Does it even make a nuke considering you nuke your food in one?

download (1)

I also visited London this year and while I was stood outside ar Liz’s house, looking at the beaver headed guys I got to thinking…

download (2)What if the Queen went AWOL and thought ‘fuck it’ and started shooting or blowing up soldiers and people marching at her parades. Would she be shot? Or just left to it? Would she suffer any consequences? Or just be told to go to her room a while and think about what shes done, only allowed out when she is ready to say sorry. 

Also, say the zombie apocalypse happens, and Liz gets bit, would someone shoot her? Or is she  no harm? I mean, if she has false teeth, can a zombie even infect a person with teeth the same material as a barbie doll?

If anyone has the answers I seek, please let me know, stay tuned for another instalment of Sam’s Life questions…


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