To cover or not to cover… Now, that is the question?

With the massive influence of TV shows such as Tattoo Fixers etc, the cover-up has been brought to the forefront. So, when is it right to do a cover-up? Remember, when it comes to a good cover-up, the only ink that will cover black is black. No matter how much you see an artist applying a baby blue or pale pink over a black ‘I nailed it in Ayia Napa 2015’ its never going to work. It may look grand when its first done but get through those first weeks of healing and the old one will stand proud like its been overdosed on viagra.

Most tattoo artists may recommend a few courses of laser treatment to get rid of some of the black because colour is easier to cover than the lining ink. Also, another big problem can crop up if the tattooist has drilled for oil. Yes, i’m afraid the embossment of the old tattoo will still be visible, even after laser treatment, so just be aware of that one.

Sometimes, its worth trying to incorporate than to cover, if you’ve got an old tribal, (obviously black ink) then what do you do there? Some options are available such as Japanese pieces, religion, but it ain’t going to cover with a mandala! So please don’t take that one to your tattooist. I always suggest to our clients that if they need to look for ideas, then look for a picture not a pattern, at least if you can get into the clients mindset then your going to find a solution somewhere for you both.


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