Hypertrophic Scarring, gone in an average of 2-4 weeks!


Annoying bump on your piercing? The No-Pull Piercing Disk is proving to be the fastest and easiest way to nurse a bumpy piercing back to health! A few weeks wearing one of the super discreet medical grade silicone disks over your problem piercing works to decrease and eliminate your piercing bump.


Light pressure from the disk onto the scarring helps to provide comfort and compression while the bump flattens until it’s completely gone. These little miracles can also be autoclaved – so they can be sterilised and ready to use in FRESH piercings such as; tongue, lips, cheeks and navels to provide comfortable healing without embedding or irritation!

nopull Collage

Have a pesky piercing bump? Come and see us Tues – Sat (9:30am – 6:00pm | Weds (9:30am – 4:30pm), or alternatively, send us an email at taattoobodypiercers@gmail.com OR send a message to our Facebook page: Taattoo Body Piercers!

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