Twist & shout…

Remember the old wives tale of twisting your earrings when cleaning them with dettol/alcohol? Or did the “trained piercers” at the ‘world’s leading ear piercing specialists’ tell you to twist your earrings whilst dousing in a special 3 week miracle lotion?

Forget that!


We know dettol, alcohol, surgical spirit, TCP and all those lotions and potions are bad for our piercings, but what about the twisting?

As your piercing heals, it will secrete a clear/white/yellowish fluid which, when dried, is commonly known as crusties. This is a normal part of the healing process! If the piercing jewellery is twisted whilst cleaning, these crusties can go into the healing channel around the jewellery (fistula) and tear the delicate skin. This not only hurts like a MOFO, but it slows down the healing of your piercing.


(the picture above is an example of crusties. if your piercing is oozing brown/green/yellow/bloody liquid, see your piercer for a check-up to make sure it’s not a sign of infection)


Sea Salt Soaks are amazing on their own. Simply soak the piercing so that the crusties go soft and gently wipe/rinse them away. Leave the jewellery in place as it is – if you REALLY need to move the jewellery (forward or back, for example), ensure ALL crusties are completely gone and remember – CLEAN HANDS!


Of course, if you ARE worried about your piercing, unsure how to look after it or have any other questions whilst your piercing is healing, please get in touch!

We are always happy to help & advise.

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