God Forbid someone thinks I’m GAY!?’

Summer is here and it’s almost the holidays – which means it’s prime time for the kiddies to get their earlobes pierced ready for September and getting some new bling to show off alongside those crop tops and booty shorts.

You’d think that choosing which side/where to have a piercing is a pretty simple endeavour. It’s really not.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get, primarily with single earlobe piercings (generally boys/men) is “Which side is the gay side?”.

The same applies for nose piercings. “Which is the gay/boy/girl/lesbian/butch side?”

It’s a myth. No one is going to shun you for having a nose piercing on the side you want it, or if your little Tommy gets his right earlobe pierced as opposed to his left.


2017 is a whole new world to what it was when piercing first became a common thing amongst the general public, rather than just those damn punks and goths with their nose rings and eyebrow bars!

There IS NO gay/boy/girl/lesbian/dog/cat/farmer/cashier side.

When you come into the studio, you have the freedom to choose WHICHEVER side you want to be pierced. We simply want you to have a piercing that you’re happy with, whether it’s socially perceived as ‘on the gay side’ or not. If you ask us which side you should have (as to avoid the dreaded gay side or opposite gender side), we will simply tell you to choose whichever you’d prefer aesthetically and maybe do a little facepalm.


And anyway… Why is ‘gay’ such a bad thing to be perceived as? Trust us, there are far worse things people can think of you. Not to mention… It’s kinda offensive and awkward.

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