How to care for your piercings this summer!

So, the kids have broken up from school/college, you’re off to Benidorm for a cheeky week away in the sunshine and you’ve just got your belly button pierced to show off around the pool.

But, an irritated, sore or infected piercing can be a really big downer on your holiday.

So here we are, with a bit of quick info on how to keep your piercings happy this summer!


Ideally, a fresh piercing should be allowed to heal at least partially before exposing it to swimming pools. But you didn’t know this beforehand and you booked your trip abroad on a whim with a week’s notice… Don’t panic!

If you REALLY can’t avoid taking a dip in the pool, make sure you take precautions to protect your new piercing. If you can avoid submerging the piercing in the water for a long period of time – do so! A quick dip is generally fine, but prolonged submersion in water (even baths) can interfere with your body’s healing process. When you get out, rinse your piercing gently but thoroughly with fresh water or ideally, a sea salt water soak. The last thing you want for your new piercing is chlorine and public germs sitting and festering on your fresh piercing.

Again, however, we highly recommend letting your new piercing finish healing before exposing it to any potential infection or irritation risks!


Do you enjoy vegetating on a sun lounger getting a lovely bronze tan? No problem! If you’re planning on catching some rays for an extended period of time, try and cover your piercing for this time. A sterile gauze pad/dressing secured with medical tape is usually best, or a loose, breathable bandage if necessary. Sunburn + fresh/healing piercings

Sunburn + fresh/healing piercings is NOT FUN!

Plus, if the area around even a healed piercing gets sunburnt to the point of skin peeling, the raw skin can introduce infection to the area and potentially spread to your piercing.

This can be avoided by taking extra care & cleaning the area at least daily until the skin heals and settles.

We don’t need to lecture you on the necessity of suncream/lotion, but when you’re lathering yourself up, be extra careful to avoid the direct area around your new piercing!

Hygiene & Sweating:

We shouldn’t need to tell you that when it’s hot out, you’ll sweat more, which means you need to shower/bathe more frequently.

But when you have a fresh/healing piercing, hygiene is important! Keeping a pierced area dry really does help the healing process along, so it’s important to make sure you wash away all the sweat and oils you’ve secreted throughout the day!





If you’re unsure of anything and have questions, please don’t hesitate to message us or come in and see us for some advice.

If you happen to be abroad/away and can’t get to us, you can call the studio on 01226 340065, text/call us on our mobile 07905179248, email us at or send us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram!


*Depending on individual circumstances and specific piercings, advice will/can differ slightly. Coming into the studio to let us have a look is always the best option, as we can troubleshoot and advise much easier when we can see the problem. If you can, sending a photo via email or social media is another option.

(more often than not, we’ll ask for at least a photo so we can assess and advise)

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