Don’t be a Veruca Salt…


Doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. Stretching takes time and patience. Stretching too fast can lead to some pretty grim consequences… Which we will document below!

“But my uncle’s best mate’s daughter’s boyfriend stretched his ear to 10mm in 3 days!”

“But my bestie’s cousin’s god-daughter stretched hers in a month and hers is fine!!!”

Good for them, they’re very lucky!

We can’t tell you what you can and can’t do, we can only recommend and advise. We just PLEASE ask that if you ask us, then choose to ignore our professional advice, we cannot be blamed if any of the following events happen to you and there’s a 99% chance we won’t be able to do anything to fix it for you.


Outcome #1 – Blowout

You’ve probably seen gross photos of blown-out earlobes online many times before. Some blow-outs are less severe than others and can SOMETIMES be rectified by stopping stretching, down-sizing and waiting! Some, however, can only be sorted by surgery/reconstruction by a surgeon or body modification studio.




Ain’t too pretty to look at, right? These are blow-outs, and they’re caused by stretching too fast and/or jumping sizes. As you insert the taper, the hole will slowly stretch to that size, but if your ear isn’t settled at its current size, what basically happens is the fistula (inside of the hole) is pushed outwards, creating a ring/ridge of scar tissue. The top photo is from stretching too fast and only wearing tapers – which weighs the ear down and angles the hole, which makes the blow-out worse.

Believe it or not, blow-outs like these are really really common! And that’s not a good thing.


Outcome #2 – Tearing

Your skin has the ability to stretch, however, this must be done slowly and carefully. Stretching the skin too fast or jumping sizes (not doing it gradually) can cause it to tear. It’s quite common with larger gauge stretched lobes, as the skin thins out as you stretch anyway, which makes it more and more delicate. If your lobe is already thin/thinning and you rush your stretching, there’s a chance it will put too much pressure onto the hole and rip.

Once this happens, the only way you’ll get your ear back to normal is by reconstruction.




Outcome #3 – Thinning/Unevenness 

Before tearing/ripping comes thinning. Obviously, as your ear is stretched larger, the lobe around the stretched hole will thin, but there are ways are means around this to still have a healthy stretched lobe. The thinner the skin gets, the slower you should stretch and take extra care when doing so to avoid tearing/ripping. Some folks are blessed with big chunky lobes which can get to 30mm+ before starting to thin, but if you have relatively petite lobes, it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of the stretched skin and take precautions to aid the process – such as massaging the ear with Vitamin E Oil, Emu oil or similar.




We hope you’re all feeling a little queasy after reading this post, ’cause we sure do!

We’re not here to preach or tell anyone they can’t do something, we simply want to educate our clients, give our professional advice and help you achieve healthy, happy piercings and modifications!

Way too many clients walk through our door with problems to do with stretching that could have been easily fixed or avoided. Way too many clients ask for stretching advice and then ignore it and get upset when their ear blows out or tears, too. But again, we can only advise!


If there’s something we haven’t covered that you’d like to know or have any other piercing questions, come and see us! Or send us a message on our social media pages, email or call us 01226 340065 – we’re happy to help.


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