Piercing Trends 2017 – EARS!

Summer is pretty much over, but the piercing trends keep on flowing!

It may not be the weather for showing off your blingy mid-drift, but there’s plenty of other statement piercings that can be on show all year round!



Ears are definitely one of, if not the most popular places to get pierced. Pick a spot on your ear and there’s a name and piercing for it! But, with every individuals’ ears being so unique, it’s useful to think practically when choosing your next ear piercing.

Do you have enough anatomy/skin/cartilage for that piercing?

Will it interfere with any piercings you already have?

Will your planned piercings be aesthetically pleasing on your ear shape or around your existing piercings?

Most don’t think that much of it, but it’s interesting to have a look at your own ears and see how much they differ from even your siblings or parents! As with most piercings, we want them to complement and enhance what we have so placement and jewellery choice can mean the difference between any old regular upper ear/helix piercing and something that looks unique and fitting to your ear!

For some, less IS more! For others… THE MORE THE BETTER!

Whatever your style, aesthetic, goals, etc, there’ll be something out there that enhances that!

We ESPECIALLY looooove this rad lady’s ears! Just because you have an ear-full, doesn’t mean it has to look hefty and punk-ish.. CLEARLY! Whether you like sparkles, gold, opals, gems, chains, colours, rings, studs, chains or spikes, you can completely customise your body and accessorise it however the hell you like!

One thing we always stress, don’t out-right copy someone else’s piercings. By that, we don’t mean that just because Sally from level 2 hair & beauty college has her nose pierced, that you can’t.

We simply mean, choose your piercings based on YOU: what you like, what you want to look like, how your anatomy is/is shaped/etc. You’ll end up with a more unique, fitting and aesthetically pleasing outcome!

We’re always happy to discuss ideas, show you jewellery and placement options and work with you to achieve the look you want, whilst keeping it realistic and as unique as you are.

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