How to get a piercing 101

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to educate you on how to get a piercing!

So, first of all, you’ve decided you want an ‘x,y,z’ piercing. You’ve had something substantial to eat and drink on the day of the piercing along with a shower/bath and you’re on the way to the studio.

First, when you arrive, you’ll need to fill out a consent form. This is an important part of getting a piercing! The form will consist mainly of a little information and risks about piercings, your details such as phone number for our records and a little health questionnaire to check that you’re fit and healthy and able to be pierced!

The golden rule from this point onwards:


Stay chill and calm. The more stressed and anxious you are, your heart rate will go up, your breathing will become shallow and it’ll make you feel 10 times more nervous! Deep breathing and remembering that you want this piercing and are willing to endure the second or 2 of pain, can really help ease the mind.


With that all done, you’ll be taken upstairs to the private piercing room with your piercer. You’ll take a seat on our piercing bench whilst the piercer has a brief chat with you about the piercing you’re after, such as; healing times, tips for that particular piercing, jewellery options and just general chit chat while they prepare the equipment and tools.

 gud dot datye boi

Once you’ve chosen the jewellery and you’re ready to get started, the piercer will thoroughly clean the area to be pierced. Then, depending on the piercing you’re having, the piercer will mark the area, usually with a small dot or T shape. You’ll have a chance to see the mark in the mirror and change it if you’re unhappy with it. Once you’re happy and the piercer is ready, the piercing procedure will begin!

3kris 2

Congrats! At this point, you’ll now have a fresh new piercing! 

The piercer will explain further any information you may need to know, primarily regarding aftercare and timescales for downsizing/check-ups (depending on the piercing). Before you leave, this aftercare information will be given to you in written form to take away with you.

kris faggot

Post-piercing, it’s important to look after yourself for the rest of the day. We always recommend bringing a sugary drink, like Lucozade, to the piercing anyway but eating and drinking plenty of sugary things after a piercing can help keep your blood sugar up if it takes a tumble. Remember that your body has just been injured, and whereas it may not be a massive trauma, you may be a bit more fragile.

The only thing left to do now is to keep your piercing happy and clean!

If you follow the aftercare advice we give you and come straight back to us if you have any issues, problems or questions, your piercing should heal swiftly and easily!


As always, if there’s anything we’ve missed that you’d like to know more about, or you just have a few questions, message us on social media, come and see us at the studio or give us a call on: 01226 340065.

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