2018 Updates

It’s been just over a year since our last big shop update (I know, where’s that gone?!) and since then quite a bit has changed.

First of all, Taattoo Wombwell recently celebrated it’s 9th Birthday!                                  Yes, we’ve been repeatedly stabbing people, providing them with new artwork and lovely new sparklies for 9 years.

The biggest change since our last update is that WE HAVE MOVED!!

We’re still in Wombwell but we are now at 2 High Street, inside The Old Bank (pictured below). If you want more info about the building we’re now in, Click Here to visit The Old Bank Wombwell blog.

thumbnail_bank haunted image

We’ve been in since May and now have much more space and NO stairs, yep, we’re all on one level. Check out the reception area below and keep on reading for more info about the changes in each of our service departments.


You’ve also got more time to pop in and see us, we’re now open until 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.




The boss is still designing everything for you guys and keeping the rest of us in check as usual.


Our main tattooist Andy is working away in his lovely new room (pictured above). If you want to keep up to date with Andy’s work you can follow him on Instagram: @andyattaattoo


Kris has now finished his his apprenticeship and is working away in his own little room (pictured above). He’s done a lot of designing and tattoos since starting, all of which you can take a look at and keep up to date with on his Facebook and Instagram profiles:

Here’s a couple of his favourites from the past year..

We are, however, down an tattooist as our second apprentice, Ellis, left us earlier in the year. We wish her well for the future.


If you’re wanting to keep up to date with the general antics in shop (Including our birthday video masterpiece), you could always go and give our Facebook page a like: Taattoo Wombwell




Both Sophie and Poh are still here. Sophie’s been with us for an eternity (just over 4 years) and Poh’s been with us for 2.

Since moving, they’ve been able to pierce twice as many people with their very own piercing bays (pics below) complete with NO stairs. They have a lot more space to move and are no longer falling over each other when trying to pierce.

While the piercers have stabbed many peoples over the past year, I’ve asked them to narrow it down to a couple each and here they are…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This summer’s been jammed packed with little kiddies get their lobes pierced. If you’re interested in what the piercers get up to you can keep up to date on their social media pages:


We’ve also had a couple of changes over in the laser department. As well as a brand new room, we have a fancy new laser machine to provide you guys with the best quality laser treatments. Our new room and laser machine are pictured below.

Our Laser Technician, Ema, has flown the nest and is no longer with us. We wish her well in all she does and we’re certainly going to miss her.



So, now we can introduce, our new laser tech, Hannah., She’s fully qualified and ready to remove tattoos and smooth out your skin with carbon facials. If you want to get in touch with the laser department, head over to their Facebook Page: Lumiere Professional Laser Clinic.

And… That’s it, you’re all caught up, I’m sure we’ll have more updates for you in the future. Thanks for reading!


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