This newest blog post is more of a general information post regarding Body Piercing as a career and what that entails.

Many people see Body Piercing as a stepping-stone to becoming a Tattooist. We can’t even count how many times we’re asked every week, questions like: “So do you do tattoos as well?”, “When are you going to learn to tattoo?” and “Don’t you want to be a tattooist?”.

Not only does this frustrate the living hell out of us, but it’s almost degrading to our jobs which aren’t just ‘a job’ to us, but a passion and life-long commitment.

To be a professional Body Piercer, it’s not just about learning how to poke holes in different body parts and put some jewellery in. Nor is it a profession that you can just pick up and put down when you feel like it.

Body Piercing is a CAREER. You need to have a genuine passion and love for body piercing – which is why we put 1000% into everything we do, from the piercing itself to the service we give our clients. In our eyes, if you don’t LOVE piercings and want to put your all into what you do, you need to put down the needles and find a different career. This is people’s bodies and health we’re entrusted with, not just their gas & leccy bills or grocery shopping.

In short, if your dream job is to be a Tattooist – go for it! Practice your art, develop your portfolios, spend time in studios, get tattooed, research, learn and enquire with studios if they’re looking for apprentices. Don’t apply for a piercing apprenticeship and assume that once you’ve learnt how to pierce, you’ll be automatically handed a tattoo machine – They’re COMPLETELY different professions!

A great analogy: 

You want to be a Nail Technician. You looooove doing nails, you practice on yourself and your friends and have perfected the art of nails. Awesome! You’ll do great, I’m sure. 

Now, you then wouldn’t apply to be a Hairdresser at a beauty salon, then expect to do nails after you’ve cut a few layers and coloured a few bobs. How can you put your all into hair when all you’re waiting for is the possibility of moving onto nails in the (unpredictable) future.

They’re COMPLETELY different professions!

Put your heart and soul into WHAT YOU LOVE DOING!

So no, we ain’t gonna pick up a tattoo machine once we hit X amount of piercings or piercing experience. We love piercing people! We’re sticking this out till we’re old and wrinkly because we LOVE IT! Through literal blood, sweat & tears (which, most of the time, is not our own)!

If you’re reading this and thinking “I would absolutely love to be a piercer, learn the trade and make it a long-term career!” – please send us a message!

If you’re reading this and thinking “Well, my dream job is to be a tattooist.” – AWESOME! Develop your portfolio and ask around for a TATTOO apprenticeship!

Thanks for coming to our TED Talk ❤ ❤ Love y’all!

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