Get in touch with your spiritual side

Get in touch with your spiritual side

Here in the studio, we have a selection of spiritual goods, ranging from healing crystals to Ouija & pendulum boards.

Included in this blog post will be short pieces of information about some of our stock, like what they’re used for and how to use!

As always, coming in to browse in person is highly recommended for these items! We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30AM – 6PM and our staff will be more than happy to help you choose the right pieces for YOU!



Want more information on specific stones that we stock?

Visit our previous blog post:

TaattooBlog – Know your crystals!


51863744_663639780717119_6673620403291684864_nWe also now have cage necklaces for crystal wearing!

A lot of crystals are best used when kept close to your person, be it in a pocket or a bag –

but what better way to keep your crystal close by than to wear it!?

(plus they look great and you can swap and change your crystals as and when you need to!)


And last but not least! We have a small handful of crystal sets that can be purchased at the studio!




Each pack contains 3-5 crystals, a small info sheet about each crystal & how to best use them!

(you’ll also get a little crystal ‘care sheet’, all about cleansing & charging them)





Smudging has been a spiritual practice for centuries, for many different reasons.

These big, chunky bundles that we have in the studio are great for large spaces, such as; full house cleanses or workplaces. If used for moderate cleansing (crystals, personal, etc) they can be stubbed out and re-used again and again!

(if you are cleansing large areas or particularly negative energies, it is recommended to use a new smudge stick per cleanse)



Tarot & Oracle cards are great once you get the jist of how to use them!

Our cards all come with handy guidebooks to help introduce newbies to the world of reading Tarot and Oracle cards. Helpful information can be found easily online, on various blogs & websites dedicated to spiritual items/work.

We are happy to give advice and help you choose your deck – however, as with many spiritual items, it is always better to use your own initiative and personally choose which item/s feel right to you.



Pendulums are a great addition to any spiritual collection!

They work very similarly to healing crystals, as each crystal pendulum has its own properties – but they also have many other uses as listed above.



We also have a NEW RANGE of incense!

Plus more Nag Champa original incense (always a big seller!)

We also sell various ash catchers/incense burners and cone-burners, too!

Incense can be used in meditation, during spiritual sessions, or just to make your room smell delightful!






There are many helpful articles and blogs online about Dowsing Rods, their uses and how to use them.

Dowsing Rods are also commonly used to measure/find the energy paths within a certain space, such as; living spaces, gardens, workplaces, etc. This can help you elevate and work with the positive energy in said space/s.



We hope this blog post was helpful to you lovely lot!

As mentioned a bit back, if you need any advice or help when choosing your spiritual items, ask us! We use a lot of these items ourselves and can give both personal experience and general advice ❤