I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

You probably can. Same with any service, there’s always gonna be deals for a fiver – but is that really the best option?

We’ve all seen hair & nail fails online where someone’s price shopped and got poor-quality service for a bargain price. But what happens next? You go through a right faff paying more money to get them fixed.


That’s all well and good, nails can be removed and hair grows back. Tattoos and piercings however… That’s for life!


grossness ew
*photos taken from various sources online. We do not own any of these photos, nor have we performed or fixed any of the piercings shown.


Improperly placed piercings and incorrect piercing procedures can cause permanent damage that may require medical treatment!

One thing we like to remind people is that you get what you pay for.



“Their shop was clean though..”    “S/He’s a professional in a studio though…”

Unfortunately, a license to pierce just ISN’T enough sometimes. If someone’s out to make a quick buck, they aren’t going to care if your piercing heals well or be there to help if something goes wrong. License, experience and reputation don’t always equate to QUALITY. This is why we always stress the importance of RESEARCH. Look at portfolios, have a gander on social media – are those photos piercings they’ve actually done, or are they stock photos? (or better yet, stolen from another piercer…)

Salons & high street stores often undercut professional studios to lure clients in with their fabulous deals and cheap prices, but then what happens? A few weeks down the line, they have some problems/need some advice… Has this piercer spent time researching and bettering themselves in the industry to be able to provide you with their knowledge and help you throughout your piercing journey? Many times the answer is NO.

If a piercer can offer piercings at dirt-cheap prices, how are they cutting costs on their part to be able to offer these prices to the client? Are they skipping important steps such as sterilisation, quality jewellery or proper hygiene? Supplies for any service costs money, that’s just a fact of life, so the cost of the service reflects that… Plus the piercer’s time!

Wouldn’t you want to know that the service you’re getting is the best that it can be?

Wouldn’t you hope that your piercer will be there to help you throughout your piercing journey?

Wouldn’t you hope that your piercer loves the job they do and spends personal time and effort bettering themselves and researching to give YOU the quality you deserve?


Just some food for thought. We hate ranting and raving about this stuff, but far too often, we’re told “I can get it cheaper elsewhere” (fair dos) and then are asked to fix these screw-ups. We’re happy to help with any piercing problem, from any piercings, from any studios in any town/city/country – we just want to try and educate so that you can make the right piercing choices FIRST TIME.

Thanks for coming to the Taattoo Body Piercers TED talk.


Taattoo Body Piercers: F.A.Q

Taattoo Body Piercers: F.A.Q

This latest blog post is an updated piercing F.A.Q – please message us if you have a question that isn’t answered here!


1.) Do I need an appointment?

NO! All our piercing services are available on a walk-in basis. Even on offer days, for jewellery fitting, consultations, etc.

2.) How old do I have to be for a piercing?

It very much depends on the piercing! We pierce earlobes from 4 years+ (with the parent in attendance, of course) and most other piercings are 16+ with I.D. Please message us for specific piercing age limits & parental consent enquiries.

3.) Will my piercing/s be done with a gun?

NOOO! We use sterile, single-use needles for ALL piercings – including children’s ear piercings. We can assure you it is FAR less painful and your piercings will heal so much easier and faster! Please, never get any piercing with a gun – it’s unhygienic, dangerous and out-dated… It’s 2019, times have changed and piercings are sooooo much safer!

4.) Does it hurt?

Well, there’s no easy way to answer this one… A needle piercing a part of your body will include SOME amount of discomfort – to what level depends on the part of the body and the person in question! What we can assure you is, for a life-long piercing, that split second pinch is more than worth it!!

5.) Can I use TCP/alcohol/Dettol/similar on my piercing?

NOOOOOOO. These products are far too harsh, will delay your healing and make it pretty darn sore! If you are generally clean, you aren’t man-handling your piercings and are following aftercare instructions, these products are not necessary.

6.) *insert high-street store, salon name or grandma* told me to twist my earrings, should I?

We never recommend twisting your jewellery. It’s an old-wives-tale that the metal will ‘stick to the inside of the piercing’… If you are pierced with high quality body jewellery, this is something you certainly don’t have to worry about. Twisting the jewellery can not only work bacteria/contaminants into your piercing, but hard ‘crusties’ can essentially tear up the inside of the piercing – ouch!

7.) School/Work don’t like piercings, can I have a retainer straight away?

Unfortunately not. Our flexi retainers are only suitable for fully healed piercings & short-time wear (like X-rays, MRI’s, etc). If you can’t get away with the piercing for the healing period, maybe it’d be best to wait until you’re out of school/college/are in a better position to have piercings on-show.

8.) Can you do it cheaper? X, Y, Z only charges a fiver!!

Many people seem to lack the understanding that this is our CAREER, not a hobby or quick money-making venture. We have a genuine passion for body piercing and are constantly striving to be the best we can be – not just for us, but for our clients! Take into consideration our time, our sterile tools/equipment, sterile one-use needles, pre-sterilised jewellery, cleaning supplies, gloves… That barely scratches the surface of what it takes/costs to perform a piercing! We aim to keep our prices competitive, whilst still providing our clients with hygienic, safe piercings. What you must think is; if they can do your piercing for a fiver – what important steps in the process are they skipping to save you money? I sure as heck wouldn’t want ANY steps being skipped simply to save me a few quid – you shouldn’t either!

9.) Can I have the Two for Tuesday offer on a Saturday?

Our Two for Tuesday (buy 1 get 1 free) offer is exclusively on Tuesdays ONLY! We do, however, have periodic offers throughout each month – including 1/3 off Thursdays EVERY month! If you care to give us a follow on social media, and/or join our mailing list, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming deals, offers and events!!!

10.) Is my piercing infected?

If you’re ever unsure, please come and see us as soon as possible. Infected piercings are actually incredibly rare! 9 times out of 10, the piercing is simply irritated and is easily nursed back to health with a few aftercare changes. We have a helpful blog post about irritation VS infection… HERE!

*if all tell-tale signs of infection are present and you are unable to see us in person, we would recommend a doctor’s appointment to be on the safe side. 

10a.) My doctor says my piercing is/was infected so I took it out!

First of all, if you have a genuine infection DO NOT TAKE YOUR JEWELLERY OUT – it can trap the infection and cause heaps of trouble. If possible the jewellery should be left IN until treatment has cleared the infection. Piercings are often misdiagnosed as infected and antibiotics are prescribed when unnecessary. If you’re unsure, see a piercer first. *As previously mentioned, if all signs of infection are present, a visit to the doctor is needed.

11.) Another piercer told me to use *insert aftercare advice*, what should I use?

Aftercare is provided after EVERY piercing. You will also have specific aftercare verbally explained to you by your piercer shortly after the procedure. Please follow this! If we did your piercing, your aftercare leaflet contains tonnes of helpful information about the healing process of your piercing/s, as well as general healing times, what to expect, etc. As always, if you need any further advice at any stage of your piercing’s healing journey, our advice is always FREE, non-judgmental and from experienced piercers. You can message us on social media, call us or visit us ANY TIME! ❤

12.) Do you pierce babies/infants ears?

NOPE NOPE NOPE. We strictly pierce children’s earlobes from 4 YEARS +. If you would like more information, please message us.

13.) Why do I have a little bump on my piercing?

Piercing bumps are quite common. Usually, they are caused by irritation whilst healing – be it; sleeping on it, touching/picking/twisting/poking, rubbing from clothing/headphones/similar, using incorrect aftercare and/or not downsizing your jewellery once the swelling has gone. If you need advice about an un-slightly bump, come in and see us! It’s always easier to assess in person, so we can identify the cause and what treatments to use!

14.) Do you pierce snake-eyes or surface tongues?

NOPE. Read this.

15.) How do I get rid of a Microdermal that is rejecting/not wanted?

We offer Microdermal/Skin Diver removal on a walk-in basis, all week. Depending on the placement and age of the dermal, it usually takes around 5-20 minutes.

16.) Can I bring friends/family to watch me get pierced?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring people along with you, however, please bear in mind, we allow 2 people max. in the piercing bay with you. We don’t do this to be mean – our piercing bays can get quite cramped with large groups and it can make it harder for the piercer to do their job with an audience. ❤

17.) Can I have a female piercer?!

Never fear! Both of our piercers are female and have pierced maaaaaaany body parts of all shapes and sizes – no need to be shy, treat us like doctors! Both piercing bays are also fully private for your comfort.

18.) Can I have a piercing whilst pregnant?

We won’t pierce anyone who is currently pregnant, sorry! But we’re more than happy to pierce you once you’ve delivered and are back to full health.

19.) Why has my ball fallen off my jewellery?

What screws on, can screw off! After the piercing is complete, we do tighten the balls/attachments securely… BUT, balls/attachments can come loose when cleaning or just from everyday movement (especially piercings such as navels and nipples). We recommend checking your ball/attachment at least daily – it’s best to do it whilst cleaning, so you have nice clean hands! Even when the piercing is fully healed, give it a check when you’re getting ready on a morning, but always with clean hands!

20.) Can I choose a stud or ring for my piercing?

MOST piercings can be pierced with either (such as; noses, lobes, helix, nipples and forward helix), however, some piercings (such as; lip, rook, conch & anti-tragus) do benefit more from healing with a stud or bar. We’ll let you know your options when you come in for the piercing and discuss the pros and cons of each. That’s not to say they can’t be changed to a ring once settled, though! If a ring is your aim, let us know! We’ll accommodate for it and let you know when you can nip back in for the jewellery changing! 🙂

21.) Can I buy a piercing from you? (jewellery)

Piercing: the act of piercing a hole into the body, into which a piece of jewellery is inserted.

Jewellery: the earring/bar/ring/stud that goes into the piercing hole.

You can HAVE a piercing done by us. You can also BUY some jewellery for your piercing from us. We stock a range of body jewellery from plain balls/beads to colourful pieces, opals and jewels.

22.) I’m not sure how to put my new jewellery in, can you help?

Of course! If we did your piercing or not, it’ll be a small charge to cover cost of gloves, tools, etc. You are welcome to bring jewellery you have purchased elsewhere/online, however, we will only fit these for you if they are suitable for your piercing/s and are reasonable quality. (Jewellery from Claire’s, Primark, Topshop, Ebay specials, etc should be avoided!!)

23.) When can I change my jewellery?

Your piercer will tell you when the best time is to change your jewellery to a smaller/different piece – depending on the piercing in question, this could be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months (sometimes longer). We encourage clients to return to us at a certain date post-piercing for a check-up, anyway. At this point, we can see how the piercing is healing and make any jewellery changes that are needed.

24.) What should I do if I have problems/are concerned?

COME AND SEE US! We cannot stress this enough! We are more than happy to check on your piercing at ANY point during healing, whether it’s after a few days or a few weeks. It’s always better to ask those seemingly-silly questions than to sit at home worrying! If you can’t get in to see us straight away, or we are closed – send us a message or email. Include as many clear pictures from different angles as possible – this will really help us get a better idea of the problem or state of the piercing. (*This also applies to piercings we didn’t do. If you can’t see your original piercer or want a second opinion, come and see us)


25.) Which side is the gay side?

*facepalm* It’s 2019, get whichever side you want! We aren’t magical wizards who instantly turn people gay with a piercing – that’s just daft. Besides, there are worse things to be than gay… Like being a homophobe! 👍


Hope this F.A.Q has been at least a little bit helpful! 

Wanna know more? Got another question? Shoot us a message:

Taattoo Body Piercers Facebook Page

Updates on the madhouse called Taattoo!

Lots of changes have happened since we started blogging here, so we thought we’d update you guys on what’s happening at Taattoo as of 2017!

us lot

You guys remember our two tattoo apprentices, Sam and Jack (Pablo)? They have both flown the nest – Jack late last year and Sam as of the beginning of this year. We wish them the best of luck in their futures, wherever life takes them!

In our tattooing department, we, of course, have our experienced and talented Andy who is the main tattooist in the studio at the moment. Under his wing are our newest additions to Taattoo – Ellis and Kris! They are soon to be Taattoo’s new tattoo apprentices, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media to see their progress as they’re training, practising and eventually getting unleashed onto the public!


In our body piercing department, we have Senior Piercer, Sophie! She is currently nearing the THIRD year of her life sentence! She is fully experienced in all things body piercing and is always up for a challenge! Under her wing is Junior Piercer, Poh. She started her piercing apprenticeship here at Taattoo late summer 2016 and has been gaining more experience and knowledge every day! She has now completely all her training and is competent and confident in ALL piercings performed at Taattoo. She is absolutely loving her journey to becoming a piercing master and welcomes any and all piercings, from ears to nips to bits!


Our piercers are still offering BOGOF piercings every Tuesday for #twofortuesday – and have recently introduced the 1/3 off Thursday offers! Every 3rd Thursday of every month, ALL piercings are available for 1/3 off the price!


Lumiere Professional Laser Clinic (@Taattoo) offers laser tattoo removal and carbon facials and is run by the fabulous Ema. Lasering and carbon facial treatments are now available by appointment ONLY, as Ema now only comes into the studio for her clients’ appointments. As with tattoo bookings, a deposit is needed to make any bookings with Ema!! Find Lumiere’s page on social media to keep up to date with special offers or discounts Ema will be offering on both lasering and carbon facials and don’t miss out on a mega deal!

BeFunky Design


And I think that’s it for today, guys and ghouls! Thanks for reading and see you next week for our next blog post…..

Is that swelling or are you just pleased to see me?

So, you’ve recently had a cartilage piercing. There are lots of different locations this includes; tragus, helix, forward helix, rook, snug, conch, anti-tragus, daith and scaffold. While this blog post may not be directly aimed at ALL of these piercing locations, it’s a good bit of info to take into consideration if you have one of these/want one of these piercings..

Your initial jewellery will be appropriately sized to cater for any swelling that will occur with your new piercing – the size/diameter depends on the location and how much they tend to swell. Some, such as snug piercings swell more than others, such as helix piercings.

tragus RG collage

We understand this can be super annoying for some people, but trust us when we tell you – it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re a lucky bugger, you may not swell all too bad and only need a few millimetres of the initial jewellery when it’s fully swollen. Some piercings can fluctuate during the first stages of healing (generally the first week or two) meaning it can be more or less swollen from day to day.


It’s important to keep an eye on your swelling – if you’re an unlucky one (this isn’t all that common) and swell to the length of the jewellery and it becomes tight, come back and see us immediately. Ibuprofen (if you can take it) and ice compressions can drastically reduce swelling for most people and can prevent excess swelling before it gets to the point where you need longer jewellery. Of course, proper aftercare and TLC with your new piercing also decrease the risk of over-swelling!

long jewellery


So, your new piercing is well into healing and the swelling has subsided – this usually occurs within a few weeks for most people, although some locations and individuals can take longer! Once your new piercing is settled and the jewellery is now annoyingly long again, it is important to come back for a check-up and downsize.

Prime time for downsizing is a hard one to get right. Ideally, as soon as the swelling has comfortably subsided, shorter/snugger jewellery should be put in instead to eliminate any problems that could occur in the final stages of healing.

fresh vs healed antitrag

Above left: fresh anti-tragus piercing with a 10mm curved barbell.

Above right: healed anti-tragus now fitted with an 8mm curved barbell.

Jewellery that is too long can cause problems for your healing piercing and is a common cause of piercing bumps (hypertrophic scarring), as your piercing is more likely to get caught and distorted whilst sleeping – which can cause a nice, straight piercing to become crooked/wonky over time. This is a common problem for; helix, forward helix and tragus piercings!


Luckily, we now stock the official No-Pull Piercing Disks to combat these bumps! (as seen in the left hand photo) More info can be found on our Facebook page: @Taattoobodypiercers.


As soon as your swelling has gone down, come and see us! We will be able to tell you if you are ready for a downsize or not – if you are, we will happily downsize your jewellery for free*! It’s also a perfect excuse for us to get healed/partially healed pics of our piercings!!!


*Downsize/jewellery change is a free service within a 3 month limit from when we did the original piercing.

Top 20 FSQ (f*cking stupid questions) asked by the general public to a body piercer.

Top 20 FSQ (f*cking stupid questions) asked by the general public to a body piercer.

1.”Do I need to book an appointment?”

NOPE so stop asking please.

2.”Do you use a gun?”

Hell to the no, unless you want a cauliflower ear..see below


3.”I’m allergic to surgical steel/titanium can you pierce it with gold?”

And what genius has told you you’re allergic to titanium?

4.”I’ve heard this piercing will paralyse my face?”

This is absurd. No, that’s not true. And a navel piercing can’t poke your intestines, and a tongue piercing won’t give you brain cancer. Where do people come up with these things?!

5.”If I get my tongue pierced apparently I’ll bleed to death”

Unless your piercer is a complete and utter doofus and somehow stabs you in the jugular I’m pretty damn sure that won’t happen.

6.”My doctor says…”

Is this doctor a trained body piercer and pierced to the eyeballs? No? THEN TAKE OUR ADVICE. We research endlessly for a reason -insert crying face here-

7.”Does it hurt?”

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say yes a needle passing through your body will pinch a tad.

8.”I’ve heard you could pierce the artery in my ear?!”

Unsure if you ever taken an biology/anatomy class but ya know its super difficult to pierce deep enough to hit the artery which runs pretty much against your skull, unless you get stabbed in the head for asking stupid questions..

9.”Can I change my fresh piercing to different jewellery next week please?”

Unless you’re asking for the jewellery to embed (when the jewellery sits inside of your piercing because of swelling or incorrect size) I highly wouldn’t recommend you changing the jewellery yourself.

 10.”I’ve been cleaning it with TCP/alcohol/peroxide and don’t understand why its angry”


We give you an aftercare sheet and explain in detail how to care for your new piercing, if you don’t follow it, please don’t return and ask stupid questions. TCP or anything with a strong alcohol or chemical base is way too harsh and will do more hurt than good.

11.”I pierced it myself and don’t understand why its gone green”


Why? Just why?!
Ugh…my heart… it just makes me think you’re an irresponsible twit who doesn’t give two sh*ts about their own well being. Go to a reputable piercer or just don’t bother.

12.”Do I need to keep twisting it?”

No, if you do you’ll just end up making your new piercing angry and drag all of that nasty dried gunk into your fresh piercing. Please don’t listen to your grandmother’s piercing advice and listen to the professionals.

13.“Well the OTHER shop said…”

We don’t give a flying  f*ck what the other shop said. WE PIERCED YOU, LISTEN TO US.

14.”Can you pierce it for £5?”

Where do you think our equipment comes from, the piercings are a set price so we can live and buy clamps/needles/jewellery so you can have good quality piercings!

15.”I want my nose pierced but school wont let me, can you write me a note?”

Do I look like a doctor? You don’t need a piercing to live, just be bloody patient and wait until no one can tell you what you can and can’t have done, its not difficult.

16.”which ear is the gay ear?”


I don’t think you quite understand how piercings work..

17.”why has the ball fallen off?”

I’m afraid to inform you that it’s in fact your responsibility to tighten the balls on your jewellery, i cannot personally follow you around and make sure all of the jewellery is on nice and tight.

18.”I can get this done cheaper somewhere else”

Please do, but don’t come back crying to us when its infected, or the newly pierced area has gone green and is falling off..

19.”So when are you becoming a tattooist?”


People automatically assume you tattoo as well and no matter how many times you say you only pierce, they fail to understand. I enjoy being a piercer, end of.

20. “I want to buy a piercing” (this is normally when a client enters the shop and wants to purchase jewellery)


The PIERCING is the actual hole in your body, and also the act of putting said hole in you with needles and love. The thing you put into that hole is called JEWELLERY. Please get it right and don’t make your piercers head hurt, thanks.